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Experience Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai. Also known as, "The Art of the Eight Limbs" this is the Thai form of hard martial art. It is often referred to as "The Science of Eight Limbs" as the hands, elbows, knees and shins are all used extensively in this art.

Therefore, a Muay Thai fighter may execute strikes using "eight points of contact" as opposed to "two points of contact" in western boxing. Those points of contact, being the two fists used in combat.


The History of Muay Thai

Muay Thai has a long standing and fascinating history in Thailand. The Thai army also use a modified version of Muay Thai, called Lerdrit. Traditional Muay Thai practiced today, incorporates kicks and punches - in a ring - with gloves similar to those used in western boxing bouts.

Muay Thai is an extremely popular spectator sport in Thailand. It is also a world renown martial art sport. The origin of Muay Thai can be traced back to it's ancestor Muay Boran. This translates to "Ancient Boxing".

Muay Boran, was a form of unarmed combat, employed by Siamese soldiers. This was used in conjunction with Krabi Krabong, a weapon based style of combat.

The practice of Muay Thai was over time, upheld by Buddhist monks, who were the keepers and teachers of all arts - which were both practical and spiritual. Every Thai man is encouraged to live and follow the practices of the Buddhist monks at least once during their life time. This is a major factor in why Muay Thai grew in popularity among the common people.


Modern Day Muay Thai

Muay Thai continues to be a practical fighting technique for warfare. It has thrived and grown as a sport, throughout Thailand and the world.

The entertainment it brings to spectators, ensures that it is an integral part of local festivals and celebrations. It has also long been entertainment for Kings of Thailand.


Watch A Live Muay Thai Bout

When you visit Phuket and Thailand, ensure that you experience the excitement and drama of a live Muay Thai fight. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to view a cultural phenomenon.

You will also observe the pre-fight Wai Khru ritual. This is based on the sabre dance of Krabi Krabong. This is a traditional way in which respect is shown to the teachers and trainers. Historically, the Wai Khru was performed, when fighting in the presence of the King, as a way of apologising for the brutality in the fighting.

The fighter will first circle the ring 3 times before kneeling and bowing 3 times as a sign of respect to God and Man. He will also bow to Buddha, in order to ask for protection for himself and his opponent. He will also ask for an honourable fight.

The fighter will then perform the Ram Muay, which is simple movements designed to demonstrate their control and style. Each of the fighters will perform the Ram Muay on each side of the ring, to demonstrate their prowess to the audience.

The Ram Muay, is a very personal ritual. It may range from being very simple to very complex. The style provides an insight into who trained the fighter and where they originate from.


Booking Information

If you would like to experience a live Muay Thai fight, there are regular bouts in both Phuket Town and Patong. If you would like to book tickets or would like more information, please contact us. We can provide any details you may require.


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